Jaw Dropping Customer Service

I love when I get treated like a king at a store. There is nothing better than walking into a place, being greeted by a friendly normal person that is actually willing to help you find what you need. I can’t think of a time that I have been to this store and thought, I am never coming back here again. What store am I talking about? Home Depot.

I know, I don’t seem like the type that would even step foot on the Home Depot property, let alone go into the store. Believe me though, I really do love going there. I love how they make you feel like any project that you have in mind is completely doable and that you will be able to complete it, no matter how big or small.

I recently went into a Home Depot store and had the greatest experience ever.

Walking in I am sure that I always look like a deer in headlights. I never know where anything is or what exactly I am needing, but I walked in and was greeted so kindly by a lady asking what she could help me with. I said I was doing a small project and needed wood. I didn’t know what kind exactly, but she said that if I went back to the two gentlemen in the lumber area that they would be able to help me a little more.

I walked back and they were completely willing to answer all my stupid questions. “I want to make something, but I don’t know what kind of wood to use.”  Then I told them about the size of wood I was looking for, as if I was a three year old trying to explain to a parent. Honestly though, they showed me exactly what I needed and confidently set me on my way.

They directed me to the perfect wood and even said that they could cut it down for me right there so that it would fit in my car.

Going to any store with a toddler is never an easy task, but Home Depot is definitely no exception. After cutting the 2x4s and 2x6s for me, the gentleman offered to not only help me to the front of the store, but he was willing to go the extra mile and help me out to my car. Are you being serious right now? I sure am!!!

I told him that I didn’t need any assistance because my wife was with me and had ran to grab a few more things for my project, but thanked him for his willingness to help a guy trying to control his screaming child while figuring out if this project would actually be doable for a not so handy man.

All of the employees, whether they were in the lumber area, paint department or just at the register ringing me up were nothing but supportive and encouraging of my task at hand.

What is the moral of this crazy story? We all see things on Pinterest and think, “Oh I could make that, it’s easy!” And then we really think about it and psyche ourselves out. After going to Home Depot though, I know that I can really accomplish anything. From simple DIY crafting projects, to maybe even remodeling our bathrooms myself. Home Depot helped me feel like the man that every dad wants to be, a handy man.