Favorite Black Friday Finds

I’ll admit it, I am a fan of the Black Friday deals. Maybe it’s the crazy people pushing their way through a crowd of angry parents trying to grab one of the five copies of Frozen. Or maybe it’s standing outside any store in the freezing cold figuring out your shopping plan. I don’t know, but I do know that I can’t wait to be one of those angry parents this year.

The hard part this year is trying to decide if I really try to go for those big deal items, or just focus on the little things that are fun to get if I can, but not the end of the world if I miss them.

What am I going for this year? I’ll show you, but if I see you in line and we’re both trying to get the same thing you better believe that I’m not going to be Mr Nice Guy and let you have it. So I wish you the best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.



Samsung 50” – I mean, who doesn’t love opening up a new TV on Christmas? We have decided that we don’t need cable, but instead we subscribe to Hulu Plus and Netflix. We are fine with watching shows later, or watching anything that is on the free channels we can get with an antenna.

Price: $849.99

Sale Price: $699.99

Savings: $150.00

friends season 9 Good WIll Hunting

DVDs – I feel like this is where the real trouble happens. Last time I went to get a DVD I had to reach my arm between a lady’s legs and I am pretty sure that she had pee’d a little. It was super awkward and I didn’t even end up even grabbing one that I wanted. I did on the other hand grab a handful of random DVDs. I already have all the seasons of Friends, but when you have one that is super scratched, why not replace it for . And with the death of Robin Williams I realized we don’t own one of his greatest films.

Price: Friends – $19.98 GWH – $14.99

Sale Price: Friends – $7.99 GWH – $6.99

Savings: $20.00

Mercedes SUV Target

Door Busters – Aren’t these the real reason for Black Friday? To get that deal that you can’t live without? Well, here is the door buster that we are going to be busting down the door for, or even pushing parents out of our way. Why wouldn’t a kid need a Mercedes SUV right? They’re just so fun and at this price you can’t pass it up.

Price: $189.99

Sale Price: 129.00

Savings: $60.99


Nikon D3300 Costco

Nikon D3300: If you are looking for a great DSLR camera, Black Friday is always a great time to get a deal. This is going to take us from boring blog pictures, to amazing!!! This really is an investment that will be worth it for sure.

Price: $899.00

Sale Price: $699.99

Savings: $200.00

Will our Black Friday be worth it for us? I think so! That is $430.99 that we will be able to spend at all our favorite clothing stores. So be safe out there, plan ahead and just have fun. If we don’t get everything we’re fine. It’s the hunt of a deal that makes it exciting for me and I am just excited to get some things that we have really had our eye on for a long time.