The Trendy Toddler Christmas List

Before having my own child, I was always the uncle that bought clothes for my nieces and nephews. I always felt that kids get enough toys and stuff from family and Santa that I didn’t need to get them another thing that would just go unused.

Many times we sit, watch the kids open their toys and excitedly play with them that morning. Then after about 15 minutes it breaks, or they just get over it. I always tried to purchase things that they would need and use on a regular basis, so I chose cute trendy clothes that their parents would typically never buy them.

What are those perfect clothing items that your kids need? Look no further because I have created the Trendy Toddler’s Christmas List just for you:

Trendy Toddler Image



Expedition Siberia Jacket Dk Blue Mini Rodini

1. Mini Rodini – Expedition Siberia Jacket: I know, you clicked over to the site and you’re thinking this is way too expensive. I am not here to show you the cheap products that everyone is getting, I am showing you what is going to make your toddler stand out. This jacket is of the finest quality and Mini Rodini is one of my favorite brands that is taking off in the US.

Cable knit luxe faux fur baby beanie

2. Restoration Hardware baby & child – Cable Knit & Luxe Faux Fur Beanie: How cute and simple are these fun little winter beanies? They are perfect for your toddler on those blustery winter nights when you’re out caroling or just running errands on a cold day.

mini boden half zip

3. Mini Boden – Half Zip Sweatshirt: The great part about styling winter wear is the layering that comes with it. This adorable sweatshirt by Mini Boden will look fantastic on any trendy toddler.

Crewcuts jeans

4. Crewcuts – Slim cut: I personally love wearing J Crew, so why wouldn’t I also love dressing my child in Crewcuts? The younger, adorable version of J Crew. The color, the cut and the company will go with everything else your trendy toddler is wearing.

Fire truck Pajamas - Baby Gap

5. Baby Gap – Fire Truck Sleep Set: For the past year I have loved using the footie jammies when getting my son ready for bed, but these two pieces are to die for. These are super cute and you will be able to mix and match them with other amazing patterns that Gap has. You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned pair of pjs.

Stance Socks little boys

6. Stance – Baby Boy Box Set: Stance socks has recently released their line of new baby socks. They are keeping up with their great designs that turn heads and now have mini versions. Not because they’re different, but because they catch the eye of any person that knows real style. Like these? Get the adult, matching version, here. I’m all about matching with my son.

FP Weathered Brown

7. Freshly Picked Moccasins – Weathered Brown: Look, Freshly Picked is killing it. They aren’t going anywhere any time soon. I chose weathered brown because they are a classic color that literally goes with everything. Weathered brown is a great starter pair, but if you know me then you know that I will put my son in any and all colors. There are no boy/girl colors, it just depends on how you style your child. Freshly Picked are on every gift list at our house.

Hunter Boots Packable Tour


8. Hunter Boots – Original: Kids love puddles and winter brings its fair share of them. I love seeing little feet in Hunter Boots tromping along the sidewalks splashing in puddles of slush and laughing their heads off. These boots are classic and come in an assortment of super cute colors that fit perfectly in your child’s wardrobe.


There you have it. The Trendy Toddler Christmas List is on point this year and I can’t wait to see your kids in all these amazing products. Enjoy!