Up & Coming Diaper Bag: Fawn Design

There is nothing worse than having your hands full and not being able to carry all the things you need when you have a toddler.

Hands Full

I really am the crazy bag lady. There really is nothing I love more than a good bag to carry my stuff in and I have become even crazier after having a child. I love a good diaper bag and when I find one that I think everyone needs to look into I don’t hesitate to share. Fawn Design has taken everything I love about my two favorite bags and put them into one.

Fawn Design close up

What makes Fawn Design amazing and unique:

  • Classic black faux leather with gold metal (zipper, clips, ). I love gold and black together.
  • Pockets everywhere.
    • Two on the sides
    • One on the front that zips on top of another pocket that’s great for phones
    • Plenty inside for snacks, bottles and great organization
  • The inside is NOT sewn down, so it can be pulled out for cleaning.
  • Customizable lining material
  • All material is very cleanable/wipeable. I love clean!
  • Easy access to the contents inside bag.
  • Holds true to form so everything stays organized. (My favorite!!)
  • Dual straps (Backpack and satchel)

Fawn Design backpack

I really give Jenny, owner of Fawn Design, credit because she does it all on her own. She is starting a company from the ground up and it is becoming so popular that she is expanding by the day. Looking at these bags you may think they are too good to be true or totally out of your price range. You are right they are amazing but they are very reasonably priced. Each bag sells for $129.95. I love the  classic colors because we all have that Petunia Pickle Bottom bag sitting in our closets because everyone either has that pattern or you are so over the pattern you chose. Classic colors means dad will be willingly take hold of the bag and walk proudly sporting a man bag rather than a baby accessory.

Fawn Design Full body

Fawn Design is just starting out and wanting to get the support of others by taking pre-orders through her Kickstarter. Companies are hard to get going, but with a little help from others you can get them rolling. The best part, you donate to Kickstarter and you get a bag. You’re helping her and helping yourself. Two birds with one stone.

Head on over and help her out today.

**UPDATE** Fawn Design bags have grown and become the go to bag that every parent needs to have. Order your bag today.



  1. Missy
    02.18.2016 / 7:38 pm

    Hey Jason! Just wondering your thoughts on the fawn design diaper bag now that some time has past. Would you still recommend it? How does it hold up to the daily grind? I love the look, but hoping it’s a diaper bag that lasts. CHEERS!

    • 02.18.2016 / 8:37 pm

      Honestly, we love it! not just saying that either. We have gone through so many different ones and It has been our favorite. Plus, her newer bags are even better. They clean well, plenty of space, unisex, and I love the shoulder strap/backpack option.