The Modern Dad Wish List

Growing up, my dad was always the hardest person to buy presents for. Not only because he always said he had everything he needed, but I think he just didn’t want us getting him the same old dad gifts: socks, ties, shoes, etc.

Well I have grabbed some of those classic Christmas gifts that you would usually buy your dad, upgrading it to The Modern Dad’s level.

TMD Wish List


  1. The Art of Shaving – Lavender Full Size Kit with Pure BrushTaking your grandpa’s old shaving techniques back but giving them a bit of a modern makeover. If you really want to impress your dad, get him the kit and include an appointment to the Barber SpaJ Crew Toggle Coat cropped
  2. J Crew – Wool Toggle Coat: Dad’s never want to buy themselves a new coat, but you know that they could use one. And why not get them this amazing wool toggle coat from J. Crew that will not only keep them warm, but also will never go out of style. Brooks Brothers Bow Tie cropped
  3. Brooks Brothers – Bow Tie: Enough with the same old straight tie. Let’s class dad up a little more this year by getting him a classic bow tie from Brooks Brothers. Any of their bow ties will be a great addition to dad’s tie collection. I know the bow tie can be intimidating because they seem hard to tie, but really they’re so easy. Check out this helpful how-to videoNew Balance 576
  4. New Balance – Made in UK Music Review 576: I love New Balance and these shoes are going to bring your dad’s shoe game up quite a bit. They’re trendy, but functional. Your dad may not love the look of these shoes at first, but once he slides his foot into one of them, and walks around, he will be an instant fan. nixon watch cropped
  5. Nixon Watch – The Sentry SS Gold / Green Sunray: A watch is a great gift for dads of all ages. You don’t want to get cheap though, get him something that he will wear on a regular basis, then he will think of you every time he puts it on. Now that is the gift that keeps on giving, right? Stance - Bianca
  6. Stance socksSocks are always a classic gift for dad, not just on Christmas, but for most holidays. They are a necessity and a really simple gift, but lets make dad’s style pop. I am obsessed with Stance socks: the fun patterns, comfort, and the unique location of their logo (which should go on your inside heal bone so that when you cross your legs it’ll show).  Make a statement this season with Stance socks.                                                 sweat pants cropped
  7. Abercrombie – Men’s Jogger Sweatpants: I had decided that Abercrombie was for tools and guys that never want to grow up, but I caved and purchased some sweatpants. The fit is exactly what I have been looking for, but the comfort blows all other brands that I have tried (and believe me, I have tried a few). The other great part, Abercrombie has worked on their branding and decided to take it off most of their clothing. So your dad won’t be walking around with a huge moose on his butt or Abercrombie written down one leg. red wings cropped
  8. Red Wing – ‘Classic Moc’ Boot: Every dad, and guy in general, needs a good pair of boots. What I love about Red Wings is that they are a classic brand that is known, not only in the fashion industry, but most guys in the construction industry have heard of, or even own, Red Wing boots.

Hope this helps when you are looking for that will impress your dad, or just make his game go from average to incredible.

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  1. Leslie Heyman Knaphus
    12.02.2014 / 5:23 pm

    Jason, I love all your ideas!! I'm thinking of getting those tennis shoes for Chris!! Do you think they are too hot!! 😀