Perfect Stocking Stuffer: BabyLit Books

As you know, I am not a reader. The only reading I always would do was reading my monthly subscription to GQ, stealing my sister’s copy of Vogue, or any book written by celebrities. Since becoming a father I love reading to my son, and BabyLit books are always my favorite to read to him.

babylit pages and covers

What’s so great about BabyLit? Well, they’re children’s board books derived from classic novels: Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Romeo and Juliet, Huckleberry Finn, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, etc. Amazing art work done by Alison Oliver bring each story to life.

babylit angled primer pics

Each book not only combines the stories from these classic novels, but teaches your child using different primers:

Romeo & Juliet – A counting primer


The Wizard of OZ – A color primer


Frankenstein – Anatomy primer


The Jungle Book – Animal primer


Jabberwocky – Nonsense primer


…..and much much more!!!

BabyLit books

Absolutely genius, right? What a perfect stocking stuffer for your little one. Forget all the candy, toys they’ll never play with and little boxes of cereal. This year, give your child the gift of books, creating a desire to read more. They will fall in love with these stories and maybe it will extend into their adulthood where they will want to read the real thing. Get them here, but good luck choosing just one!

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