Are You in the Dollar Shave Club?

When I turned 18, I was sent a package from a razor company. They sent me their newest model along with shaving cream. From that day forward I was hooked on shaving with a razor. The problem has always been the crazy expense that comes along with it. If only there were a way to get the same quality, lower cost and sent directly to my home.

Dollar Shave Club | The Modern Dad

While Face-stalking one day I came across an ad that got me: “Shave Time. Shave Money.” Dollar Shave Club became quite intriguing to me. You mean to tell me I can get some amazing quality shaving products (razors, creams, lotions), hair products and some amazing wipes for your back side sent right to my home?

Guys hate to go shopping, but especially hate to go shopping for toiletries. It’s a personal thing that they would rather not worry about. Dollar Shave Club helps you overcome that fear of being caught buying some hair products, toiletries and wipes.

Dollar Shave Club Boogies | The Modern Dad

We also aren’t to keen on change. When you find a product you love you stick to it and want to just use it over and over. Change isn’t in our vocabulary when it comes to our grooming. We get in the habit of doing things a certain way and are fine with it.

Dollar Shave Club is the perfect solution to all these needs. You sign up for the products you want and they are sent right to your door. Then you don’t ever have to worry about when you need to purchase them again, Dollar Shave Club will send you the products when you sign up for them. Can you imagine always having fresh sharp razors every month? Dream come true.

Dollar Shave Club Razors | The Modern Dad

Not only that, but the cost is completely affordable. You pick the type of razors that work best for you (ranging from $1-9 a month). Then you can add other amazing products.

Some of my favorites are:

Easy Shave Butter – $8

Dollar Shave Club shave butter | The Modern Dad

The most delightful thing you can put on your skin for shaving, PERIOD. It makes your face feel refreshed even before starting the shave.

Magnanimous Post Shave – $9

Dollar Shave Club post shave | The Modern Dad

The ultimate forgiveness after the disruptive act of shaving. Shaving can be hard on your face, but this post shave makes your skin feel smooth and cooled off after all that friction.

Miracle Repair Serum – $12

Dollar Shave Club post serum | The Modern Dad

The clinically-proven solution for bumps, burns and ingrown hairs. I have the thickest, most corse hair in general and the miracle repair serum keeps me looking young and not like a first time shaver.

Need a good hair product?

Boogies – $7-10

Dollar Shave Club - Boogies Hair Clay | The Modern Dad

Isn’t that a perfect name for hair product? Well, Dollar Shave Club makes it easy to find the right hair product for you. From gels to pomade and clay they will find you the prefect product for that look you are desiring.

Are you a secret flushable wipe user? Have I got the perfect product for you.

One Wipe Charlies – $4-7.50

Dollar Shave Club - One Wipe Charlies | The Modern Dad

Gentlemen use wipes. I have used wet wipes to get everything nice and clean. There I said it, butt (ha ha ha….see what I did there) these wipes will change your life. They can come in individual travel pouches that are great for keeping in your pocket or wallet to pull out when you’re on the go.

Daller Shave Club Wipes | The Modern Dad

Best part about these wipes, the peppermint scent, aloe vera and chamomile making you feel fresh and clean the way things should be.

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up for Dollar Shave Club today and get the best mail delivery your face has ever seen.