An Amazing Hiking Adventure

There is nothing better than being able to get away for a weekend, kick up your feet and enjoy the many outdoor adventures that Utah has to offer. It’s funny because growing up my dad would take us to all the parks: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Moab, etc. We would drive all over; hike the many trails seeing many different parts of this great state that we live in. But as I’ve gotten older and busier, sadly it’s been years since I had been to any of these places.

An Amazing Hiking Adventure | The Modern Dad

Over the weekend, I was able to go back down with my in-laws for a little family trip. All the boys (and my niece) got up Friday morning for a hiking adventure in Zion National Park.

I think it’s funny when you go to a place you had been while you were little, then return as a parent. You really have a different perspective. I remember going to these parks thinking why did we have to do these hikes, be hot and not just spend time at the pool?

An Amazing Hiking Adventure | The Modern Dad

Before my son was born I had a bucket list that I wanted to hike the local Mount Olympus. A couple of my brothers-in-law and I woke up early one morning and hiked it. It was such a fun experience and I felt like it ignited a little hiking flame and made me want to accomplish more of my bucket list hikes I always wanted to do.

Personally, I am never the one to say hey, let’s go on this hike, or go wander the red rocks of Zion; doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. It was funny though because usually hikes I have done you are hiking to the top of the mountain, a certain arch or a special landmark. This time we had no destination we just hiked just to hike.

An Amazing Hiking Adventure | The Modern Dad

We had heard this hike was going to be fun because it was similar to the Subway hike, but you didn’t need a permit to hike this one. My father-in-law said we would hike through river bed, climb over rocks and jump into pools of water.  The hike had no real destination or end point, we just hiked until we were done basically.

Since there wasn’t a real trail though it made for some great life lessons that I will never forget. We had all started following each like a row of ducks following one another. Step by step was literally all the same, but then we all felt like we had a better way of getting to where we wanted to go and we split off and started climbing different rocks.


Standing there, not being a frequently hiker I was constantly thinking of who to follow. Do I follow the younger, more in shape hikers? Do I follow the one with the GPS that “knows where to go”? Or do I stay on “the path” that is hopefully the right one?

It was funny because in the end everyone ended up where we were trying to get to, but why did there have to be three different ways of getting there? Isn’t that just how life is? We all have a end goal that we are trying to achieve, some of us are getting there the easy way, and some may have to learn the hard way, but sooner or later we all get there.

An Amazing Hiking Adventure | The Modern Dad

You may end up with some bumps, bruises, scratches or even cuts, but you will get there and  enjoy the view.

Sometimes I think parenting is this way too. You can read all the book and manuals, but nothing is right for your situation. You either figure it out on your own or turn to the many examples that have been down that same path and learned by experience the right path.

Parenting is hard, but the many views that we get to enjoy along the way make it so worth it. You work hard, put in a lot of effort and learn a lot. Sometimes we don’t always get it right, but you can always come back to the path.

One thing is for sure though; this is one hike that I don’t want to end. I could stay on this parenting journey forever.