Are the Terrible Twos So Terrible?

Running all over the house dumping out every toy he owns, going from laughing hysterically to a blood curtailing scream or having more energy than I have ever had my entire life. As my son’s second birthday I start to ask myself, “Are the terrible twos so terrible?”

My entire life I had heard from parents saying the terrible twos are so hard. Then you start hearing about kids being three-nagers or that 18 months is when it all starts. Honestly, I don’t think the terrible twos are really that bad.

Here are a few reasons why I think the terrible twos aren’t so terrible:

  1. The energy from this kid is a constant motivator to keep me going. I can’t tell you how many times I have come home from work, exhausted and ready to just lay down on the couch and check Instagram or Pinterest. Instead, this little fireball wants to run around and be the fun active kid that he is destined to be.
  2. Everything is new, fun and exciting. When we are out he gets so excited over the funniest things. He loves to see dogs and whenever a person walks by (or even drives by with their windows down) he loves to say hi. He is full of love and wants to see everything this world has to offer.
  3. He teaches me to be a better person. As he is starting to learn more and more words I have to watch what I say and do around him. I used to never really care what I said to anyone, but once you hear your child’s first swearword or do something inappropriate that you often do, you have a tendency to be a little more careful.
  4. His love is truly genuine for everyone and everything. He wants to hug everyone and when he sees any animal, it doesn’t matter how scary it is, he wants to be it’s best friend. Now granted, we will NEVER have an animal in our home, but the look on his face when a dog runs up to him or a bunny snuggles his side melts my heart.
  5. He wants to walk and be more independent. This my wife and I both love because as kids get older, they tend to get a little bit heavier. I can’t tell you how many times I had to carry in every grocery bag at once (because that’s what we guys do) plus carry him. I didn’t need a gym membership because he was quite the arm workout. Now he wants to do things on his own and the freedom is wonderful.
  6. Independence can be heartbreaking, but I find it wonderful. As my son wants to do things on his own a lot of parents would have a hard time with that, but I just see it as him wanting to learn. He is wanting to figure things out on his own. I will be here for him when he needs me, but to see his curiosity grow and blossom is better than anything I could have ever imagined.
  7. He sees everything and wants me to see it with him. It’s so easy to get caught up in your adult world. Being as OCD as I am I have to have a plan, stick to that plan and never venture off. A 2-year-old is going to get you to stop and enjoy the smaller things in life. No matter what you’ve got going on, that’s not a bad thing. I have loved seeing new things along the way with him.
  8. His laughter is contagious. I love a good child laugh, but when it is your own child be prepared to have your heart grow a few more sizes. It’s just fun when we are driving around and he sees something he thinks is funny and starts to laugh. I’d say 98% of the time I have no idea what he is laughing at, but once you hear that sound you start joining in and it makes everyone’s life better.
  9. He has a way of making me excited to learn new things. Never have I been that into sports. I mean, I played my fair share of baseball, soccer and basketball, but I wasn’t really that great at them. This kid constantly has a ball in his hand and ready to go at anytime. I am excited for the many games I will get to watch and cheer him on as he progresses and becomes a professional (fingers crossed).
  10. The love he has for his mother is a joy that I will always cherish. It’s one thing to come home from work after a long day and have your child run up to you, excited and give you a great big hug. But to see your child cuddle up to your wife, hold her hand and comfort her when she’s having a hard day is absolutely priceless.

So to say that the terrible twos are the worst I ask you to really sit back and think to yourself, are the terrible twos so terrible?