Favorite Swaddles that Stretch

When we had our first child swaddling was all the rave to keep your child calm and bundled up. We had a dozen muslin Aden and Anais swaddles because they were breathable and basically the only ones that were around, until now. This time around my favorite swaddles stretch, are super soft and of course they’re fantastic quality and ridiculously cute: Solly Baby, June & January and KB Cute Designs.

Solly Baby

Favorite Swaddles that Stretch | The Modern Dad

I have loved Solly Baby for years because the material is soft, has stretch, breaths and always has great colors and simple patterns (polka dot and stripes). After doing wraps, they recently released their swaddles made of the same material. I love wrapping up little girl up in these swaddle blankets.

Favorite Stretchy Swaddles | Solly Baby | The Modern Dad

I feel like the stretch is better because you can get a pretty tight wrap that keeps them all together, but not too tight making them uncomfortable.The material is great because it is completely breathable and light weight, but also keeps the baby warm. I love the simple solid colors that really can go with everything because that is really what is most important, right?

June & January

Favorite Swaddles that Stretch | The Modern Dad

Originally called Little Hip Squeaks, June & January has really outdone themselves. When they began they had the cutest swaddle blankets in simple chevron pattern in lots of cute colors. They were the best, but at the time I wasn’t even married. I just knew that I was going to be getting blankets from them at some point so I made a mental note of the brand and looked them up the second I had kids.

Favorite Stretchy Swaddles | June & January | The Modern Dad

June & January has a great basic blanket that we love using as a swaddle. The have some stretch to them that makes it easy to swaddle up your little one, but I also love that they aren’t huge creating lots of excess material when they are wrapped. Now, they are in solid colors, with a simple white binding that goes around the perimeter. I love that the simple trim keeps them super classic. The material is so soft, and so easy to wash. I have thrown them in the wash with all my other colors and never has is bled on the other clothes in the laundry.

KB Cute Designs

Favorite Stretchy Swaddles |KB Cute Designs | The Modern Dad

I have known Solly Baby and June & January for at least a couple years. With Instagram being a great place to see what is out there, you can easily find tons of different products out there. KB Cute Designs is one of those great products that I have fallen in love with. I love Solly and June & January for basic solids or simple patterns that are great for your little boy or girl. Now that we have a little girl to swaddle up, when I saw the floral prints by KB Cute I about died. Her patterns are not crazy over the top and completely on trend. They also are classics that will last forever.

Favorite Stretchy Swaddles |KB Cute Designs | The Modern Dad

The material is light, washes great and keeps all it’s color through the multiple washes you will be giving it through spit ups, spills and blow outs. KB Cute keeps things classy with timeless patterns that are used and you will never be upset with the quality of these swaddles.

I am so grateful these amazing products made by such amazing women. All these brands make great quality, classic looks and super soft swaddles that your little ones will love forever. You won’t regret getting too many swaddle blankets and it’s always good to have an assortment.