Keeping Young with Urth

When it comes to shaving, if you’re not doing all the right things, you can quickly look more like Freddy Krueger and not Ryan Reynolds. But what is the secret to getting a good shave and making your face look young and smooth without having a professional do it for you? Well, I have found my favorite pre-shaving product that I figured I would share my secret with you: Urth.

I had tried a lot of different face scrubs but none became part of my shaving routine until I found Urth. I used to shave every other day and my face would get torn up. It wasn’t a good look at all. I decided to cut back (see what I did there) and not shave as much. I have very thick and course hair, so when I do shave my face it hurts, a lot. This was another reason why I hated doing it, but my wife doesn’t like getting stabbed and I was never a fan of facial hair. I became frustrated and was really looking into getting laser hair removal on my neck and face because I hate shaving that much. The razor burn, the pain from having thick facial hair and just the time that it takes in my routine was getting to be too much.

Urth Face Scrub | The Modern Dad

Urth was introduced to me by a friend and I thought I would give it a whirl. I had read in GQ magazine a billion times that I needed to find a good exfoliator before shaving to remove any dead skin and really pull those hairs to the top making them easier to shave. Urth is great because I use a little bit, rub it around my neck and face in a circular motion making sure that the dead skin is completely removed.

Okay, so you have the basics of what to do with it, but when you put this on your face it feels like you are putting some kind of healing mud on your face. It actually feels really good and you can feel the vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils doing their job. I really feel it cleaning my skin and preparing it to be taken advantage of by my razor blade.

Urth Face Scrub | The Modern Dad

Since using it I have had way less irritation on my neck, my skin looks and feels smoother and I feel like I could shave more frequently if I wanted to. I just think that if you take the time and use the right products when dealing with your face it pays off. All the time I get people thinking that I am 24 or 25. HA! Try 33 people. I feel like it’s partially due to the fact that I take care of my face and really care about the products that I use on it. So, from one guys perspective, Urth is the way to go when needing a pre-shave exfoliator.  Get it here and you can thank me later when your wife or girlfriend won’t be able to keep her hands off you because of how smooth your face feels.