Giveaway Time | Covered Goods

There is nothing better than finding a product that has multiple uses: feeding cover, car seat cover, cover for the shopping cart and scarf. I was questioning myself on if I would be a good person to write a review about this, since two of the things I would never use it for (breast feeding and scarf), but my wife was willing to share. I have my own opinion about the topic of breast feeding in public too so here we go.

Giveaway Time | Covered Goods | The Modern Dad

As far as the breast feeding cover goes, Covered Goods is fantastic. Look ladies, if you want to whip out your breast to feed your child, go right ahead. Doesn’t bother me any, but I’m not the rest of the world. Also, not every woman wants to do that. They want to be covered up and feel like they are not putting their whole selves out there for the world to see. I remember when our son was born and my wife would feed him she would use a swaddle to keep herself covered, but then her shirt would come up in the back and she just never really felt comfortable or completely covered.

Covered Goods has fixed that problem completely. Think of taking an infinity scarf, have one open end be smaller than the other and you have got yourself a Covered Goods. You can put the Covered Goods cover over you, keep an arm out to be able to peek in on your feeding child and know that your are covered; front and back. It’s also great because the material is stretchy and super soft making it comfortable for both involved.

Then they were absolute genius’s making these with the material that would roll up easily and fit in your diaper bag without taking up a ton of room. We all know that you don’t have room for one more thing to go in your diaper bag, Covered Goods thought about that. Take the cover and infinity scarf it up. You don’t ever have to put it in your diaper bag.

Being a crazy germaphobe I love having a product that helps me with my anxiety that comes when going to the grocery store or anywhere in public. Of course they have those wipes I can use to wipe down the cart handle and seat, but sometimes that’s just not enough.  Covered Goods again has saved the day. With the material being able to stretch you take it, put one hole towards the opening on the cart for your child’s legs and then basically turn the cover inside out over the cart to keep it covered. I love this because it not only helps me think that my child is safe from any germs they could get, but I can take it home after, throw it in the wash and all my germ worries are gone.

Giveaway Time | Covered Goods | The Modern Dad

You know how sometimes you car seat cover doesn’t always stay in place and you have to adjust it so that your child is protected from all the weather elements? Well, Covered Goods again has made this product help out here too. You can take your cover and place it all around your car seat to block your child completely, but keeping the top handle open to make carrying easy and for quick baby checks. Also, you don’t need to adjust anything because it stays in place so well.

Here is the best part of it all, since this is a product that I am completely obsessed with, I am going to give one lucky person their very own Covered Goods cover. All you have to do is:

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  2. Tag as many friends as you want under the giveaway image.

That’s it! Isn’t that easy? Winner will be announced tomorrow at 9:00 am MST on Instagram. If you don’t want to try to win one, just go here and get one yourself. You won’t regret it one bit.