Preschool Looks | 2016 School Year

Nothing makes me more nervous than the fact that I have a kid starting preschool this year. So then what am I doing to take my mind of that fact? Getting his preschool looks together.

I know, it’s preschool, I have nothing to worry about and the last thing I need to be doing is getting the “perfect wardrobe” for my three year old. You know what, I love shopping and I love buying clothes, so it this takes some stress off my life then who cares.

Some things to think about though when getting preschool looks are what is the dress code? Are they going to a preschool where they have to wear a uniform? What is the dress code (if applicable)?

Those things being said, here are my favorite preschool looks that I love:


Jacket | ColdControl Lite Quilted Jacket

Backpack | ‘Heritage’ Backpack

Shirts | “I’d rather be Playing” T-Shirt  –  Nike ‘Legend’Pocket T-Shirt

Button Up/Polo Shirt | Seersucker ShirtLinen & Cotton Shirt – Lacoste for J Crew

Pants | 1969 Slim JeansWoven Jogger Pants

Socks | 7 Pack Sock Box