Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos

For years, I loved the Urban Slim chinos from J Crew. I love them so much that I have them in every single color they were released in. But as they say, “All good things much come to an end.” Until now! J Crew recently released FOUR amazing cuts for men. But when you look at them on their site, all you see are perfectly sized models. Thankfully, I am here to help you find the perfect fit for you.

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadNow, I am no fitness model and my body type is what I like to call less than average. Meaning, I wear a extra large or large top, and pants I wear a 36×32. There is nothing model worthy about me. The great thing is, a lot of guys can relate to my body shape.

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadJ Crew knew this and has made pants for everyone. Funny thing is, I fit in every single style and actually loved them all. Some were more comfortable than others. And some felt dressier. No matter your choice, they have the chinos that you have been looking for forever.

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadI wanted to do a side-by-side-by-side-by-side so you got the picture of what they all look like. These are all the same color, size, and worn by the exact same person. To me, this gives a great comparison of what the differences really are from slim to relaxed fit and everything in between.

Perfect Straight-Fit Pant

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadMy personal favorite was the 770 straight-fit pant in stretch chino. I thought they were going to be too skinny, but I was completely wrong. They are looser around the thigh, but tighten up as you go down the leg. I don’t feel like you are seeing everything underneath when you wear these.

Can I wear Slim-Fit Chinos?

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadThe 484 slim-fit pant in stretch chino was in fact slim. For me they were a little too slim. I mean, if I were to lose a little weight in the backside, maybe they’d be an option for me. They are super comfortable though. Usually when you wear a slim-fit pant you feel like the pants are so tight you can’t breathe. With the stretch you are able to move around and really feel comfortable. They are definitely a win in my book, just need to back off the crazy bread for a bit. My favorite part about these pants, the color selection is amazing. If you are like me and like to stand out a little, check out the great color options they offer.

Do I have to be Athletic to wear Athletic Fit chinos?

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadIf you are looking for a good athletic fit chino, the 1040 athletic fit stretch chino are perfect for you. What is athletic fit? Athletic fit is going to be straight through the thigh, continue down the calf, then taper at the bottom. Really giving your room all throughout the leg, but tightening up the bottom. These were comfortable and I loved that my calves were more relaxed. Easy to get on and would say there are great for everyone—no size restrictions.

Active People Need a Relaxed Fit

Finding the Prefect Fit Chinos by The Modern DadFinally, 1450 relaxed fit stretch chino is exactly what you think it is—relaxed. If you are looking for a dress pant with plenty of room in your legs, fits waist perfectly, and doesn’t make you look bigger than you really are these are the pants. These are the pants that are perfect for the super active guy: walks or rides the bike to work, hiking, or just constantly on the move. They have a lot of give and are super comfortable.No longer should finding the perfect chino be an issue. J Crew has been providing me with perfect pants for years and now I can just add to my collection.