Family Favorite: Brian Kershisnik Art Show

When you marry a person, what makes things fun is being able to try new things together. It could be something you love and they have never tried, something they love and you have never tried, or something neither of you have tried but can do together. This week I am so excited for an event that my wife’s family has introduced me to.

Never have I been a lover of art, and I never thought I would be. I always considered art anything hanging on the wall in a frame- boy was I wrong.  My in-laws are major art people and have been educating me more and more about it. I learned that art can be anything hanging on the wall but that good art is original, one of a kind, something that leaves you thinking or making connections to a painting.  Slowly I have become more and more of an art fan and love the culture that comes along with it.

My father-in-law owns an art gallery here in Salt Lake City and specializes in Utah artists. One of the artists that I have grown to love more and more as I continue seeing his work is Brian Kershisnik. This Friday, he is having a show at David Ericson Fine Art.  You can come and see his work and even meet him in person.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorites of the show.  I’ll try to share with you my reasoning for choosing these particular pieces and how they relate to me as a person, parent and especially a father. Then if you’re dying to see more- come to the show and we can chat while consuming my wife’s famous crepes. Enjoy.



Holy Family with an Angry Baby

This one stood out to me instantly, not because it was a family with a small baby, but because this family is trying to do good things and the baby isn’t perfect like they would want him to be. So many times I have felt like this couple (especially at church) when we are trying to do the right things and being at church, but it’s so hard when your baby is angry.


Jesus and the Angry Babies

This one leads right in from the first painting well. Jesus was perfect, but he was still able to handle the angry babies, be patient with them, and continually setting the perfect example of how we should handle our angry children.


Mom Trick

Being a dad, I feel like when I have my son and my wife isn’t around I wonder how she does it. Moms have tricks up their sleeves and it is a constant balancing act.



My dream has alway been to have twins. How fun it would be to have two little ones at one time to go through it all with you. This painting attracted me though because although the mother is there with the kids “alone” she isn’t alone. She always has angels watching over her and maybe that is how families with twins get through it all. So amazing. So lucky!


They All Dance

Finally, saved the best for last. Even though I always freak out when my son is playing and I take him out to play with others, I can’t always be there, but there are always going to be angels watching over him. He will be protected and watched over as he is out making right choices playing with his friends and other amazing children.

All these views are my own, but come to the show, see the rest of the paintings, and have them tell you their own story.

Friday, September 19, 2014 from 6-9 pm

418 South 200 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

See you there!