Our Favorite Wooden Toys

I am not one to get crazy about the kinds of toys that my child plays with, but I do enjoy finding great quality products that my son enjoys using and is also able to use his imagination. There is no better toy for a child than something that will force them to get creative. For us, the wooden toys have been just the thing.

I remember growing up I always played with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and blocks. I was forced into using my imagination to create something from nothing. I would create planes, sky scrapers, roller coasters and machines that could make your breakfast if you wanted it to. You would have thought I was going to be an architect or engineer with all the crazy innovative things I would create out of these simple toys.

I feel like these are the types of toys I want for my children to help their little minds develop into something amazing. So I want to share with you the companies that I have come across that make amazing products with a modern twist.

Clifford & Sons: Clifford & Sons makes simple, straightforward wood toys. The toys are built to be played with, stacked up, knocked over, lost, found, stuffed under the couch and passed on to the next kid.

Morgan Building Blocks: Each set of Morgan Blocks comes with 16 painted wood blocks in a custom storage box and includes:

7 – square blocks | 3 – rectangular blocks | 6 – triangle blocks

Sturdy 1.5 inch square blocks are easy for little hands to hold. Careful craftsmanship make them easy to build with and easy to stack for even the youngest builders, while older children will incorporate the different sizes and shapes into their play in as many ways as their growing imaginations can think of. At cleanup time the blocks can be arranged in the snug fitting storage box in any number of ways. Helping little minds see spatial relationships and develop coordination.

Every set is individually cut, hand sanded, painted with a child safe paint, and sealed with my homemade beeswax wood polish to ensure they are safe and that they will hold up to years of play. Box and block corners are rounded for comfort and safety.

wooden toys - blocks

Rainbow Luke Stacker: The Luke Stacker set is the perfect toy for imaginative minds. A pirate cave or cowboy fort – a royal castle or a race car tunnel, and with a flip over they can be an entire armada – the only limit is your little one’s imagination.

Every Luke Stacker is cut free handed to create a one of a kind toy. Six piece sets are approximately 7 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Because they do not come from a template actual sizes will vary. Pieces are hand sanded, painted with a kid-safe paint, than sealed with my own homemade beeswax polish.

wooden toys - rainbow stacker

Wooden Ax, Boats and Car: Clearly we are huge fans of Clifford & Sons, so much so that we have items that are no longer made by them. Over the couple of years we have been parents we have gotten a few items from them that we just have to mention.

wooden toys - ax

Our wooden ax has been a toy that our son loves to take all over our home. He will drag it behind him ready for anything that may come in his way. I will say this, be prepared to be hit and it will hurt. My legs  have been chopped as if I were a tree, ankles hit like a golf club being swung at a golf ball and stabbed with what I guess he thought was a sword. I knew his creative little mind was enjoying it, but just be prepared.

wooden toys - boats

The fun little wooden boats are great because they don’t have to just be boats. These are blocks that come as boats, but can be turned into your child’s wildest dreams. Let them decide what they will be. I always love at the end of the day when I get to gather all the pieces back together to make sure they are matching.

wooden toys - car

And if you child is a car lover this fun wooden toy car is a great choice.

Twig Creative: Handcrafting children’s furniture and wooden toys inspired by modern gadgets, but powered solely by a child’s imagination.

Pixie Wooden Toy Camera: Help your kids play better by encouraging them to ditch the screen and toy with nature.

One in a vibrant, new collection of our classic wooden camera, with movable knobs, buttons, and a rotating view finder. Handcrafted from eco-friendly materials and paints. Each measures approximately 3.5 x 2 x 1 inches and comes with a white cotton strap (which is easily removable for the safety of younger children). Recommended for children 3+.

wooden toys - camera

The Knotical – Origami Nesting Boat: The Knotical is a modern take on a classic—a really old classic. Each boat combines two traditional objects—Japanese origami and the Russian nesting doll. The outer boat is carved from a single block of high-density cork. The removable inner boat is crafted some solid walnut and protected with a water-resistant coating. Each measures approximately 8 x 4 x 3 inches. Recommended for children 3+.

Twig boat

* Important: This is not a chew toy. The cork may be damaged if chewed on.

The Land of Nod:

Rainboat Wood Stacking Toy: While we don’t recommend taking this wood stacking boat out on a fishing trip, we think that it will provide hours of fun for your little one. Hand sanded and hand finished, this set of blocks makes a special gift for a boy or girl.

wooden toys - rainboat