Loving Our Saranoni Blanket

Comfort, quality, softness and style. These are words that I always think of when getting a blanket for my child, or even myself. What if I told you there is a blanket out there that meets all these needs and doesn’t break the bank? Well, Saranoni Blankets are some of the softest, most comfortable, amazing quality and stylish blankets that I have seen in a while.

The Peterson Family of Saranoni Blankets | The Modern Dad

“Saranoni, a luxury blanket company, was started by us in 2006 because we believe the first things your child will see, hold, touch and love should be things you love” says owner, and creator, Emily Peterson. “We have sought to create blankets with sizes, textures, colors and patterns that are cherished by all.”

The perfect baby blanket | Saranoni | The Modern Dad

Our son can’t go to sleep without his Saranoni blanket. Being the perfect size at 30″ x 40″ providing exceptional coverage, warmth and comfort. Every night when putting him to bet we have a little routine: I give him his bottle and binkie, then he sticks his feet up while I say  “feet down” a few times, cover him with his Saranoni blanket and kiss him good night. If I were to be missing any part of that routine we would have real problems.

Nothing better than cuddling up in a Saranoni | The modern Dad

Of course when I get him in the morning he makes sure to grab his Saranoni blanket and bring it to cuddle up on the couch for watching a one of his favorite Disney movies.

But what do you do when you don’t want to take his Saranoni blanket in the car, but your child is fussing wanting something? The mini Saranoni blanket is the perfect trick to keep in their car seat for them to put up by their face. This is a great way to get them thinking that their comfort blanket is close by, but not overwhelming their car seats.

Here’s another great part about having a Saranoni blanket, you know when you see baby and little kid things and think, “I wish they had that in my size?” Well, they have done just that with the XL Saranoni blanket measuring in at 60″ x 80″, large enough to cover from head to toe with plenty left to share. Whether on the bed or on the couch they are a perfect compliment to any home décor. This way the whole family can enjoy it.

Love a little peek with Saranoni | The Modern Dad

Now for the real reason’s we love our Saranoni blanket:

  • great wash-ability, keeps its softness wash after wash
  • I don’t feel bad when I use it myself because of the softness
  • no obnoxious patterns that give you a headache
  • supporting local: Utah based company
  • reasonable price: mini Saranoni blanket $15; receiving Saranoni blanket $42
  • lots of color options and embroidery available to personalize your Saranoni blanket

What are you waiting for? Check them out today and get your Saranoni blanket ordered today. This is one of those purchases that you can tell your husband is The Modern Dad Approved.