Perfect Summer Bow Ties

Summer time is great, but when you are dressing up for work, wedding receptions or church, ties get so hot. Bow ties are great for summer because there’s less fabric and they always stay out of the way. Not only that, I love all the bright colors that so many amazing brands carry.

Carrot & Gibb

My first bow tie I bought from Carrot & Gibbs and I’ll tell you why. I wasn’t sure I would be able to tie them every time, but I didn’t want people to know that. I wanted to have the look of a self tie bow tie, but being able to have the option of tying it before putting it on. Well, Carrot & Gibbs has buttons in the back that make it adjustable for different sizes.

Carrot & Gibbs | The Modern Dad

I took advantage of this and would put the tie on and off by unbuttoning it. Then, when the bow needed to be redone and I couldn’t figure out how to retie it I would take it back to Nordstrom and have them retie it for me. Yeah, I was that guy. The guy that couldn’t tie his bow tie and had to have others do it for him.

Carrot & Gibbs | The Modern Dad

Now I have lots of Carrot & Gibbs bow ties and I love them. I love that they make a bigger bow, but also that the silk is firm and holds the larger bow.

Carrot & Gibbs | The Modern Dad

Also, Carrot & Gibbs have great patterns and bright colors, which you will see is a huge draw for me with summer bow ties. Clearly I am a fan of their thick striped bow ties.

Beau Ties

For years I have loved the styles that are worn to the Kentucky Derby. All the bright colors are the perfect way to welcome in Spring and Summer. I had to be sure to include a favorite brand of mine that makes me think of the east coast culture.

Nothing is Better Than Beau Bow Ties | The Modern Dad

I feel like Beau Ties are ones that could be worn to the derby, or my true dream would be wearing it to the Hamptons. When I first saw these bow ties I knew that I had to get my hands on one because once you get one you have to get many more. It’s just what happens. The hard part for me is picking just one when there are so many good ones to choose from.

Brooks Brothers

You can’t think of bow ties without thinking about Brooks Brothers. They have been around since 1818 and honestly have become the epitome of preppy style and what a true gentleman should be wearing.

Brooks Brothers | The Modern Dad

That is why Brooks Brothers was where I had bought my bow tie for my wedding that I couldn’t tie. On the day that I would remember forever I needed a bow tie that would not be some wild trend, but be a classic look that I would look back at and not think, “What was I thinking?”

Brooks Brothers | The Modern Dad

Of course when you get a Brooks Brothers bow tie you also have to get a Tartan bow tie. I feel like this pattern and the classic stripes are what you get with Brooks Brothers and I love it.