Bringing Back Laundry Service, It’s Washed

Laundry is the worst. It’s time consuming, it is a nightmare to separate everything and I would rather do so many other things than laundry. It’s washed is something I enjoy hearing, but not something I enjoy doing.

With baby number two coming soon we have been frantically trying to get everything ready around the house: nursery ready, second birthday and making sure we have everything in order for the big day. On top of that, we have a very active toddler that we love to entertain at the parks and in the yard, but it all gets so exhausting. You do all this and you tend to forget about the things that need to still get done around the house like laundry. What if there was a company that picked your laundry up from your front porch, washed it and delivered it folded and shrink wrapped?

It's Washed Laundry Service | The Modern Dad

It’s Washed is a laundry service here in Utah (Salt Lake and Utah county) that does just this. It honestly is a life saver since we get so busy getting everything else ready that laundry becomes last on our to do list, but it never stops the clothes from piling up. I knew I had to do something and It’s Washed was an absolute lifesaver.

Here’s what you do, go to their website, create a profile and set a pick up day that works for you. I was a little nervous at this point because you throw your dirty clothes in a bag and just leave it on your porch for them to pick up. No one wants to just leave their dirty laundry (literally) on their porch, but to know that someone is coming to clean it for you makes it completely worth it.

They pick up your clothes and you get them returned 48 hours later to your front porch in a large brown paper bag.

Bringing Back Laundry Service, It's Washed | The Modern Dad

When the laundry arrived you would have thought that it was Christmas Day for me. I was so excited to get our laundry back, separated, folded and freshly cleaned. Honestly, the time this saved and took off my shoulders is worth more than anything I could possible imagine.

Bringing Back Laundry Service, It's Washed | The Modern Dad

Now think about this, if you only had to pay $1.50 per pound with a 20 lb minimum wouldn’t you be interested in that? I feel like at that price you can’t pass it up. They also include package deals that you can’t pass up.

Not only that, but they also do dry cleaning. This was probably my favorite thing they offered. How many of you hate going to the dry cleaners to drop off your pile of clothes? We have had sweaters and jackets needing to be dry cleaned forever and to see that they would just pick it up and return it to our house. This is a dream come true!

What are you waiting for? This should be a no brainer. Save some time and make your wife love you even more by using It’s Washed.  You will be able to spend more quality time together as a family and do things that are a lot more important than laundry. Sign up today for your laundry to be washed here.