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Sleeping in something cozy, warm and comfortable is what I live for. Not only do I love for my children’s pajamas to be all these things, but I want them to be an easy to get on and off because changing a baby in the middle of the night can take forever.

Sammy & Nat Pajamas with Discount Code | The Modern Dad

Sammy & Nat have become those perfect pajamas for my little girl. Made from 100% pima cotton which is super soft, naturally hypo-allergenic, no chemicals, washes easy and gets softer with every wash. We all know that pajamas become one of the things that get washed the most, but I love that every time I wash Sammy & Nat pajamas they just keep softening up. My daughter enjoys the comfort that gets better with every wash and wear.

Sammy & Nat Pajamas with Discount Code | The Modern Dad

I have always loved basic styles and looks, and pajamas are no exception. I don’t want anything that is too over the top patterned and makes my kids look like complete fools. Sammy & Nat gets that with their clean lines and traditional styles. They take the less is more approach and it works.

Sammy & Nat Pajamas Gift Set | The Modern Dad

Sometimes it’s hard to find a great gift for friends when they are having a baby, but I love when a company makes gift giving a billion times easier for me as the consumer. Sammy & Nat provides beautiful packaging that you can add to any order. Not only that, but you can include the following things to your order making it much more personable:

  • Handwritten note
  • Beautiful wrapping
  • Delivered right to the recipients door

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned monogram on their pajamas right? When I think of monogrammed pajamas it always makes me think of a classy and timeless look. Plus, it makes your pajamas more personal, they become yours and it’s unique. Sammy & Nat actually provide complimentary monogramming on all orders. How cute is it to have your little ones initials on their perfect little pajamas, right?

Sammy & Nat Pajamas with Discount Code | The Modern Dad

I really do love Sammy & Nat and want you to love them too, so I am working with them and offer you as a reader 10% off any order over $100. Use code MODERNDAD when checking out and you will get the savings. Now go over and order a starter set for a friend or your own children and you will be happy you did.