Favorite Valentine Kids Clothes

Sometimes as parents we can get a little carried away when dressing our kids for different holidays. Covering them in red on Valentine’s Day, over loading them with green on St. Patricks Day and looking like we puked pastels on Easter. Thankfully there are some amazing brands out there that won’t make your kid look ridiculous on Valentine’s  Day. I am here to share y favorite Valentine kids clothes with you and where you can get them.

Favorite Valentine Kids Clothes | The Modern Dad


1. Baby Gap | Gap has outdone themselves this year. We were recently in the store and I had the hardest time walking out without a bag full of adorable Valentine kids clothes.

2. Peek Kids | I always love purchasing our graphic T’s from here because they are usually fitting to the holiday, but they don’t go over the top.

3. Nordstrom | A simple sweater dress with a heart on the front is perfect. Not too over the top, but still let’s people know that you have dressed your little one up for the holiday.

4. June & January | Okay, if you don’t have a Swing Dress by June & January I say you get at least three right now. They are our absolute favorite. Simple and basic, but so fun to add details with cardigans, headbands or just some tights. The colors are basic, but always fun for any season we’re in.

5. Hello Apparel | They have done fun Valentine shirts before, but I really love these new Cupid’s Arrow tees. Another thing that I love about Hello Apparel, is that a lot of the time they make their clothes in kid and adult sizes….so you’re able to match your little one if you want to. And believe me, you’ll want to.

6. Baby Gap | Like I said before, they blew me away this year. I had to throw in this fun little romper set that has fun details and will keep your little one warm during these cold winter months.