Favorite Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Recently, I was invited to a dear friend’s baby shower. Two things when it comes to baby showers, they are super weird and I thought that they would be way more fun, and two, I felt like I have the hardest time picking just one thing. I feel like if someone is going to take the time to invite me to their shower I had better get them something special. I get asked all the time what my favorite baby shower gift would be and so I figured I would just make a post about it.

Being a guy and being invited to a baby shower is a big deal because usually they are an all girls thing. I have felt honored when I have been invited and so I made sure to get them the things that I have felt every mom needs:

Favorite Baby Shower Gift Ideas | The Modern Dad #SollyBabyWrap #FawnDesign #FreshlyPicked #JuneAndJanuary #TubbyTodd

1. Diaper Bag | Fawn Design – $159.99: Clearly a new mom is going to need a new diaper bag. We have been through so many but I have completely fallen in love with the Fawn Design diaper bag. Yes, they are great for the dad because they aren’t covered in a crazy pattern. The basic faux leather is perfect for both father’s and mother’s and they’re super easy to clean which is a huge deal.

2. Wrap | Solly Baby – $65.00: I never thought I would be one to really be into baby wearing because the wrap intimidated me. It looked like so much material and I never thought that I would be able to figure it out. When I tried Solly Baby the fabric stretched and is super breathable making it comfortable for both parent and child. I love being able to have my baby close, but still keep my hands free so I can get other things done.

3. Shoes | Freshly Picked – $60.00: I have loved Freshly Picked moccasins since the day my son was born. I love that they are super easy to get on and that they stay on. They go with everything your child will wear and who are we kidding, they are super cute. The real leather stretches, making them have a give and stretch with your child’s feet. Plus, the leather will last and you’ll get the cutest memory marks on the bottom as a forever keepsake.

4. Blankets & Beanies | June & January – $25 & $13: When it comes to keeping your little one comfortable, I feel like June & January are our absolute favorites when it comes to the basics. Their basic blanket and knotted beanie are must haves for the little one. Their colors are classic and don’t fade with the many washes that they will go through. I love the feel of these products and when your friend receives them as a gift, they will absolutely love them too.

5. Bath Set & Lotion | Tubby Todd – $67.99: I am a connoisseur of lotion and bath products and Tubby Todd is the absolute best. I love that it is created with all natural products making sure that these new little ones are going to be well taken care of, but also smelling delicious. Maybe the Basic Bundle is too much, you can always purchase each product individually.

What I love most about all these products is that they are created by working mothers that are just trying to support their families. They each had a dream and they went for it. I feel like every human has dreamt about becoming a parent, a mother, a father and every experience that comes with it. Being a parent is hard, but I feel like each one of these product make parenting a little easier. Whether it’s carrying your things around or protecting your little ones toes, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Favorite Baby Shower Gifts | The Modern Dad #FawnDesign #FreshlyPicked #JuneAndJanuary #SollyBaby #TubbyTodd

So when you are trying to find that perfect baby shower gift, hope a few of my favorites help you out.