Skin Scare | Clearing Up Eczema

In the movie Big Daddy, Sonny (played by Adam Sandler) talks to Julian/Frankenstein about his eczema. I never thought that eczema would be something that we would have to deal with because I thought it was a rash that kids got if they weren’t clean, but that’s not even close. Anyone can get eczema, a type of dry skin and we have it at our house.

I have a tendency to freak out when my kids have any kind of skin condition or anything for that matter, but when I saw the red rashes all over my son’s body I freaked out a little. I thought about that movie and maybe I could just put a cold compress on my son to keep him from itching. I mean, if it worked for Frankenstein it would clearly work for my son, right?

Things weren’t getting better and I had to take him to the doctor to get it checked out. The doctor prescribed us with a lotion that we would be putting on his little rashes in hopes that it would clear up and help him feel better. It was definitely the complete opposite. Every time we would put this lotion onto his skin he would cry and complain about a stinging pain that this lotion was causing him. I had to try something else, but I had no idea what to use.Skin Scare | Clearing Up Eczema  | The Modern Dad

We were at an event with Andrea, the creator of Tubby Todd, and I remember asking her what the All Over Ointment was for. She compared it to Aquaphor where you would put it on your child’s diaper rash, cradle cap or eczema to help clear it up. I figured, it was worth a try and I knew that since it was made of all natural ingredients I didn’t have anything to worry about.

As I sat there, ready to change my son’s diaper and apply his prescribed lotion I thought, let’s try to All Over Ointment instead. It was like I was putting cream on his little rashes, he didn’t complain at all and since it’s unscented it was much more tolerable for both of us. My son was able to sleep comfortably and his eczema cleared right up.Skin Scare | Clearing Up Eczema  | The Modern Dad

I know that if we were ever to have another issue with my kid’s skin that I can always turn to Tubby Todd and their amazing All Over Ointment. I honestly would recommend this to anyone with kids, babies or even for you yourself. I like to put it on my hands at night to help with my super dry/cracked hands.

No matter what the issue, Tubby Todd can come to your rescue. Thanks Andrea for creating a product that I feel comfortable using with my little ones.

Photos by Megan Dial Photography