Chester Pink: A Bow Tie for All

Clearly I have a major obsession with bow ties that not everyone is wearing, but when it comes to Chester Pink everyone actually is wearing them: men and women. Usually when you think of wearing a bow tie, you automatically associate it with men, but in reality why can’t women wear them too?

Chester Pink creator Chet Cannon | The Modern Dad

Chet Cannon, the creator of Chester Pink, took the two sided bow tie and made it unique to his ties with one side being completely pink. I may have been drawn to his ties originally because his wife had told me that he had a tie brand and that I needed to try them, but also because of who he was. I am a major fan of Real World and so I knew that I had to get a bow tie that was created by Chet Cannon. But besides that, he has impeccable style that I could only dream of copying.

Chester Pink | Chet Cannon Style | The Modern Dad

Chet has a style that reminds me of Chuck Bass of ‘Gossip Girl’. I love how he dresses up like a modern day gentleman with pops of color all over the place.  I feel like it takes a real man to be able to dress the way that he does and pull it off so confidently. Bravo my man!

Chester Pink | Chet Cannon Style | The Modern Dad

Here a guy that takes risks and does it so well taking major patterns and mixing them up. Most men don’t want to take that kind of risk because 90% of the time we make ourselves look completely ridiculous.

Chester Pink | The Modern Dad

Back to the ties, the color makes them very versatile where you can dress them up or have them be an accessory to a more casual look. Not only that, but why not have your lady wear them?

Chester Pink | Men's Wear | The Modern Dad

Chet’s wife Danielle has amazing style. I remember when I first saw her wearing a bow tie it blew my mind. Why hadn’t I ever seen a woman wearing a bow tie before?

Chester Pink with Statement Necklace | The Modern Dad

Complementing it with a statement necklace is a perfect combination that I feel any woman could totally pull off.

Are you worried that you don’t know how to tie a bow tie? Well, Chet has created this simple how-to video to help you out.

Chester Pink Blue White Stripe

What I really love about Chester Pink bow ties is how you can go from one look by day…..

Chester Pink | The Modern Dad

….and another look by night. It’s one thing to do a reversible bow tie, but Chester Pink does amazing solid pink side instead of mixing up patterns like others do. I love it!

Chester Pink | The Modern Dad

It makes sense to me that Chet would create a bow tie company that uses such bright, fun colors because these are the types of colors that he incorporates into his own wardrobe. So if you think to yourself, these colors are too much for me, you would be surprised at what you can do with them. You too can bring simple color into your wardrobe with a little Chester Pink.