Keep it Classic: J. Crew Bow Ties

Being Thursday, can we do a little #TBT? Let me take you back to when I was about 12 years old (21 years ago…wow), I remember there was a gentleman at my church that would frequently wear bow ties. It was funny because even back then I knew that he wasn’t just doing it to stand out, but here was a guy that had real style and didn’t care what everyone else thought about it. He wore a classic look and wore it proudly. I always wanted to be like him and wear a bow tie without caring about what others thought.

Jump up to 2012, our wedding. I knew that I wanted to wear a bow tie. I purchased a classic style and thought I was confident enough to tie and it wear it for the day. Well, I was wrong. I couldn’t figure out how to tie it. I have a problem with asking people to help me, I’m a guy after all. It was this moment that I wasn’t going to let this ever happen again. I went to YouTube, watched how to tie a bow tie over and over and was ready to be that confident guy from my church growing up.

This was the beginning of a great relationship I made with classic styles and of course I turned to my favorite brand, J. Crew. I had loved J. Crew for years and knew that they had made ties, but of course I needed to start diving into their bow tie selection. They have been some of my most fun additions to my bow tie collection, yet still keeping a classic look.

I have always loved J. Crew style because it doesn’t take me into the older generation look, but definitely keeps me looking my age (33 to be exact). They have the classic solid colors that can go with anything you are wearing, but then you can also purchase their fun patterned bow ties.


One of my personal favorites is the English silk bow tie with embroidered bumble bees. It is a great spring color that gives a fun pattern other than the typical floral.

English Silk Bow Tie with Embroidered Schooners : J Crew | The Modern Dad

Keeping with the spring looks, I also love sailing (it’s been years). Being out on the water and letting the water splash in your face is so refreshing. Since sailing isn’t going to be happening for me any time soon, why not have a little fun with this great embroidered schooners bow tie? The brighter blue is probably one of my favorite colors and truly pops.

J Crew Pindot Bow Tie | The Modern Dad

But lets say that you want to go a little bit dressier. Maybe these first ties are a little too much for your personality. Well, that is another thing that I love about J. Crew, they create bow ties for all style choices. This pindot bow tie is perfect for church, a wedding reception or a night out with your wife to your favorite restaurant.

Wool Pinstripe J Crew Bow Tie | The Modern Dad

Maybe you’ve been invited to a fancy event or dinner and really want to step up your bow tie game. This Italian wool bow tie with pin stripes will compliment your style nicely but keep an amazing classic look. You really can’t go wrong with pinstripes.

Italian Satin Point Bow Tie in White : J Crew | The Modern Dad

I love the classic looks that come with J. Crew bow ties and really all of their clothes. And the best part, they now have the perfect bow tie for any LDS male that is wanting to sport the bow tie in the temple. I had been wanting a white bow tie for the temple for years and couldn’t find something that was quality and classy. The J. Crew Italian satin point bow tie is absolute perfection and I can’t wait to wear it during our next temple night.

If you are still on the fence about what brand to start with J. Crew will never let you down. They create the perfect bow ties that keep you looking like a complete gentleman.