Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd

There is nothing better than when you take your child out of the tub, wrap them up in a warm towel and take in their amazingly fresh aroma. Then you take them to their changing table and cover every inch of their smooth clean skin with a thick lather of lotion. But you can’t just use any bath products, it has to be Tubby Todd.

Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd | The Modern Dad

I found Tubby Todd on Instagram and knew that it was a product that I had to get in my house. I am all about a great fragrance and Tubby Todd has it. With a mixture of many all natural ingredients that help cracked skin, and especially great for clearing up eczema.

Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd | The Modern Dad

There is something great about a good hair and body wash that has a thick rich lather. I have always felt that a thick lather is great because you can actually see where you have cleaned. And what kid doesn’t love to have a lathered up head of hair? I know we love it around our house. The thick, rich lather of the Tubby Todd body wash cleans and leaves your child’s skin feeling smooth and refreshed. We have never had issues with eye irritation, but I also am crazy about keeping it out of his eyes. I do use it to clean his face, but being an over protective parent I try not to let it get in his eyes. Like I said though, we haven’t had an issue.

Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd | The Modern Dad

Now what makes bath time super fun? Bubble bath! I even know adults that still have bubble baths because it’s so relaxing, but for kids it is complete joy. I love Tubby Todd bubble bath because the lather continues bringing plenty of bubbles with an amazing scent to fill the house. I can’t stand when you get a bubble bath and have to keep turning on the water to bring the bubbles back to life. With Tubby Todd the only time I have turned the water back on was because it was getting to cold and needed a refresh of warm water. The bubbles always stick around for the entire time in the tub.

Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd | The Modern Dad

Finally, my favorite, is their lotion. I am a lotion-a-holic and all summer I have dealt with dry and cracked hands because I wash them all the time. I tried every lotion I could think of and nothing ever worked. Once I was putting Tubby Todd on my son and had a little too much. So I rubbed it on my hands and arms. The smell was fantastic and didn’t make me smell like a baby. Then I noticed, after washing my hands time and time again they were still soft and the cracks were healing right up. Of course I love lathering up my son with the fresh aroma before putting him in his clothes or at bed time and this lotion has been my all time favorite.

Are you ready for the best part? Tubby Todd is giving away an entire gift set to one lucky winner. What do you have to do to win?

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Obsession Confession | Tubby Todd | The Modern Dad

Be sure to check out Tubby Todd to find out more about their amazing products and get ready for more they are releasing soon. I can’t wait!!!