Out and Active with JJ Cole Bundle Me

We have been having some amazing weather here in Utah lately, but like they always say, “all good things must come to an end.” I love the warm weather, but there is something about being able to bundle up and be warm and cozy is a secret obsession. Being able to keep your kids warm can be a different story though.  We’ve all tried placing a blanket over their lap only to have it fall to the street from the transition of moving in and out of the car. Plus the hats, coats, mittens which we all know they hate wearing. Well I found the answer to our cold weather woes.

JJ Cole Bundle Me is probably my new obsession when it comes to keeping my kids bundled up warm and toasty. It is the perfect accessory for an active, on the go parent, making life a little bit easier. I always get nervous taking our little girl out now that the weather has changed, but when I have her in her JJ Cole Bundle Me I don’t ever have to worry. One, I don’t have to worry about when it’s windy and having her blanket fly off. And two, it’s super easy to install, wash and get your child in and out of.

I love to be outside, but I hate doing things alone. It’s been great to have our JJ Cole Bundle me because I can keep my little girl bundled up and know that she is going to be warm especially on days Utah decides it wants to let fall arrive.

Taking our kids for walks to the park is great because we get outside, get our steps on our Fitbits and once we get there our son can get out and play. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is because with our little girl snug as a bug in the JJ Cole Bundle Me she is happy and completely comfortable.

Out and Active with JJ Cole Bundle Me | The Modern Dad

I definitely think if you are living the an area where you enjoy the outdoors, but worry about the temperature with your little ones, then this is the perfect product for you. The super soft material will make you want to bundle right up with your child. Check them out here.