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If you know me, you know that I when it comes to my health and weight it is a constant roller coaster. I tend to follow the latest dieting trends, do crazy workouts to drop weight quickly only to have all the weight come right back and a lot more. Well, I have finally decided to take charge and make healthy choices, healthy lifestyle and just live my life where I can be a healthy example for my kids.

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A little over a year ago my family and I went to Hawaii and I knew I was going to be wearing a swimsuit the entire time. It was easy to lose weight because my wife and I had dieted together. We were following the 17 Day Diet and I had last about 40 lbs. I looked great and was able to hike with my son on my back and not have to worry if we were taking pictures of me at the pool or in the ocean. I will say it, guys have insecurity issues too and when our bodies don’t look like they should (abs, hairless, ripped) we can get insecure just as much as women.

Well, we got pregnant and with pregnancy come weight gain, for both. Of course my wife gained weight that comes along with pregnancy, but I too gained the ever so selfless sympathy weight. I wanted to make sure my wife was happy and getting the cravings she wanted satisfied: hamburgers, ice cream, cupcakes, etc. Clearly I wasn’t going to let her binge on these things without me. But for me, when I decide I am going to commit to something I am all in. I don’t just eat a few of something, I eat the entire box. For example, I love candy, and when they released bags of the vanilla Tootsie Rolls I had to get a couple bags for myself. Now, a normal person would enjoy eating these treats over the space of a few weeks, maybe even a few days if they are crazy. Not me! I ate those two bags of Tootsie Rolls in a matter of minutes. I had no self control and would just eat everything.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Lifestyle | Meeting other bloggers realizing how big I had gotten, physically | The Modern Dad

Meeting other bloggers and realize how big is was, physically.

Not to mention, my work would have donuts brought in and while everyone was eating maybe one of two of them I was eating five or six. I just couldn’t stop myself. Pizza is the hardest. I never want it to go to waste so again, when everyone at work is eating a couple pieces, I am basically eating an entire pizza myself. I was binging uncontrollably and it was showing in my health. I would be tired, upset and just in general I wasn’t feeling myself and knew that it was time to take control.

I have decided that I am doing this for me and my family because I want to be able to play with my kids and not have to pause for a breather. I want to be able to run around the house chasing these little ones playing hide and seek without running out of breath. I want to set an example to my children that they don’t have to worry about body image because they will live in a healthy household. And it all starts now. So what am I doing to keep myself healthy?

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  • Early morning workouts | Like I have said before, I have a fear of missing out (FOMO) and I love being present for when my kids start to wake up in the morning. It’s a sacrifice, but i get up at 5:00 am every morning and head to the gym for an hour to an hour and half. I do this because my family starts waking up around 6:30-7:00 am and I want to be there when they are getting out of bed.
  • Meal prepping is key | I know that if I don’t take food to work I will end up going to somewhere like Five Guys or Chik-Fil-A and order something ridiculous. So to keep me from even thinking about it, I prepare lunches and snacks to take to work everyday. A lot of people do meal prep for the entire week, but I get too sick of the same thing day after day and like to make my meal the night before.
  • Healthy snacking | I know that I can’t keep myself free from eating everything I want, but I have found delicious treats that have satisfied my crazy cravings: green grapes, dehydrated snap peas, cottage cheese and fruit (peaches or pears), baby carrots and celery. I try not to have the same snacks every day, but these are my go to snacks that I can eat all the time.

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  • Keeping my family involved | You can’t do it alone. Involving your family in your healthy choices really just makes it easier for yourself. Last month my wife and I decided that it was time to cut carbonation (specifically Diet Coke). We knew that if we could commit to this for a month that we would be able to commit to anything. Diet Coke is our little boost that we would go to regularly, but we noticed that when we were drinking it, our two year old son would want to drink it too. He was becoming just as addicted to it as we were. I knew that he shouldn’t be drinking soda for so many reasons and knew that if we stopped he would too. We love to go for walks as a family and enjoy the changing with the seasons.
  • No restrictions | What I have learned over the years of diets and roller coaster weight loss is that when you restrict yourself from the things you want the most you will fall even harder. I love pizza, donuts, candy, french fries, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t ever eat these things again. I just need to have control. Right now I know that if I were to eat these things I can’t control myself, but I know that if I did want something I can have it. I just know that I am going to have to work hard and won’t see results that I am wanting. Last night I had some fries and because of that, I made sure to work a little harder on my cardio this morning.
  • Put what you’re doing and have a support system | My way of putting my workout out there is through my Snapchat account. I put the motivational songs I listen to on the way to the gym, the cardio and book I am reading for the morning and then what weights I am trying to lift for the morning. Thankfully I have had great friends respond to my snap-stories saying keep it up and that I motivate them to want to get up and work hard. It’s nice to have people cheer you on and support what you are doing. Also, do you have a Fitbit? This has been a great way to keep me moving. I love that connection I have with friends and how I try to keep up with them in their fitness goals. I am one of those people that loves using the cheer option and telling others to keep up the great work. It is so fun supporting others in achieving their health goals.

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Now I’m not here to say that I am going to get crazy and sharing all the latest and greatest things to help you lose weight, but I know that sharing my story, struggles and successes may help someone else out there. Plus, it helps motivate me to keep working hard and hopefully will keep it up and not fall again. We got this! If you want to connect on Fitbit send me a request via email. Let’s get this done together and motivate one another.