The Season of Giving | Giveaways for Days

Giveaways are fun and for me the anticipation of finding out who is going to win always makes me excited. No matter who wins these huge giveaways I just love the thrill of entering and wondering what might happen. Well, it’s the holidays and the season of giving is upon us. There is no better feeling than entering a contest to win something that you really want and then actually winning. Am I right? Let me share with you a little experience about a giveaway that I recently won.

While scrolling on Facebook one day I saw a giveaway done by the Utah Red Zone Store….

I love me some University of Utah football games. I watch them and enjoy spending time with my son cheering for our team. I thought, “Wow, could you imagine winning all this?” I couldn’t imagine it, but I was ready to dedicate myself to trying. I love clothes and to win a large amount of clothing that is super comfortable and high quality, I had to at least try.

So I entered. I entered and I entered. I was dedicated to try and win this giveaway. I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang, I picked it up to find out I was a finalist to win the giveaway. Wait what? A finalist? I was stoked. I learned I would be going to the Utah vs Colorado game and during the first quarter would be down on the field to see who was the final winner. I died!!! Just getting the opportunity to be on the field during the game was super exciting and a moment that I would never forget.

They had us come to the school store where we met in a room to go over what was going to happen. We drew images out of a bowl that had been picked before which one would be the winning image. Then it was off to the game. I was excited and nervous at the same time, so clearly that meant I should probably eat something. This is what started the game off right because I enjoyed a delicious tray of Smotchoes (beef brisket on top of nachos) from Bam Bam BBQ. These were so delicious I knew that no matter what happened I was going to have a great time. The Season of Giving | Giveaways for Days

We went down during the first quarter and stood on the field watching as the snow fell and the Utes continued to stay ahead of Colorado. Finally, the moment had arrived where they took us to the three yard line and Swoop (the mascot) had the name in his hands. I just looked up at the stadium of fans, with the biggest smile on my face thinking, “What a great moment!” I wished everyone could experience a moment like this (cue Kelly Clarkson). Suddenly, the name was drawn…..

I was clueless. I never saw the name. I saw a J, but all the finalists names started with J. I looked over at the two, they were both looking at me, when I heard it, “JASON is the winner!!!” WHAT???? The rest was a total blur. I remember running around, screaming and pointing up to the section of seats where my friends were sitting. It was the greatest feeling knowing I had won something that I love and really wanted.The Season of Giving | Giveaways for Days | The Modern Dad

I hope that this is the feeling that we get when our favorite brands are doing giveaway on Instagram or any platform they are hosting it on. I hope that when we see that we have won we are screaming and running around the house, only to see our children looking up at us thinking we have completely lost our minds. But seriously, isn’t it such a great feeling to win something that you know you will love, use and maybe wouldn’t have gotten if you hadn’t won it because of various reasons? Well get ready.

Since it’s the season of giving I felt like I would do a little giving myself. I thought about either putting all my favorite brands products in one big giveaway, or spreading the wealth and doing multiple giveaways and I concluded on the latter. I want to make as many people as happy as possible and with that I give you day one of my seasons for giving giveaway.The Season of Giving | Giveaways for Days | The Modern Dad

Now, I’m not saying I am giving something away every day until Christmas, but I am doing more than one giveaway in the next few days. Items from my favorite brands will be given to lucky winners on Instagram AND I will even be doing a Facebook giveaway because I know a lot of those followers feel left out and I want to get as many people as possible having the opportunity to win.The Season of Giving | Giveaways for Days

Lucky for you, since you read the blog post you get to know before anyone on Instagram or Facebook what giveaways will be when:

  • Wednesday (today): A $50 credit to June & January. Check them out here.
  • Thursday: Tubby Todd Christmas bath soap. Check them out here. (Facebook only)
  • Friday: A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins (your choice in color and size). Check them out here.
  • Saturday: Solly Baby Wrap. Check them out here.

Honestly, I just want to be able to have as many people getting the opportunity to win as possible. I can’t begin to tell you how fun and amazing it was to win The Biggest Ute Fan Giveaway. I still smile from ear to ear when I think about it. I know these giveaways aren’t as big, but these are my favorite brands and I love being able to work with them to let my followers have a chance to win just like me.